Director’s Choice

Richard Dunlop

Tree of Knowledge, 2018
Oil on linen
180 cm by 180 cm

I have chosen this piece as it encompass’ the hallmarks of Richard Dunlops practice; meandering surfaces that move back and forth and in and out of solidness, creating voids amongst layers where foliage and watery pools emerge. He makes a sensory and almost magical experience in his landscapes and a revealing of botanical microcosms. His paintings present to us secrets, subliminal interpretations and are evidence of the knowing relationship the artist has developed over a 40 years relationship with paint and his skilful manipulation, conjures such imaginings of darkness, mystery and beauty, and, even longing.

Hidden amongst the Botanical imagery is a portrayal of Japanese stylistic sensibilities, mark making and drawing features Richard Dunlop has retained since undertaking the Kenzai Koho Fellowship in 1995. As a Doctor of Philosophy and Visual Art, Dunlop’s painting is enriched not only by pure practice but consistently informed by his own investigations and achievements. Since 1995 Dunlop has been regularly included in curated exhibitions and included in prestigious art prizes including the Glover, Blake, Archibald, Doug Moran, Fleurieu and in 2014 he won the Waterhouse Prize of South Australia.


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