Robert Andrews featured in ACCA’s Overlapping Magisteria: The 2020 Macfarlane Commissions

Robert Andrews featured in ACCA’s Overlapping Magisteria: The 2020 Macfarlane Commissions

Robert Andrew, ‘Tracing inscriptions’ 2020, installation view, ‘Overlapping Magisteria, the 2020 Macfarlane Commissions,’ Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne. Commissioned by ACCA and the Macfarlane Fund. Courtesy the artist and Milani Gallery, Brisbane. Photograph Credit: Andrew Curtis


Fox Galleries would like to congratulate Robert Andrews for his ambitious work featured as part of Overlapping Magisteria: The 2020 Macfarlane Commissions at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art. The Macfarlane commission program is a philanthropic initiative in honor of Donald Macfarlane to support emerging and mid-career artists. The 2020 Macfarlane funds are in support of major new works by Robert Andrew, Mimosa Echard, Sidney McMahon, Sam Petersen and Isadora Vaughan.

Robert Andrews ‘Tracing Inscriptions,’ 2020 is a kinetic installation presented at  ACCA until 14 March, 2021. The heart of this technological machine is the kinetic string instrument that mechanically operates around a 100 hanging strings that fall down the wall of the gallery. At the end of the string apparatus, are embered bark; collected from the Queensland bushfires, tenderly balanced by the weight of hanging rocks. As the charcoal moves across the gridded wall there is a building of story through the residue left behind. The drawings are an intentional visual representation of intangible language, based on letter correspondence from his Grandmother exploring lost language and interpretation. As the exhibition progresses, so do the marks on the walls, rocks fall to the ground and make their own elegant landscapes.

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Andrew is an artist of mixed heritage, a descendant of the Yawuru people from the Broome area in He holds a bachelor’s degree in Contemporary Australian Indigenous Art and an Honours Degree in Fine Arts from Griffith University, where he is currently a postgraduate candidate for a Doctorate in Visual Arts.