Nigel Sense x Porsche = NFT

Nigel Sense x Porsche = NFT

Image courtesy of Porsche Australia

Fox Galleries is thrilled to announce a project with Porsche, as original artwork by artist Nigel Sense wraps the Taycan model and forms the basis for a series of NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Almost a year in the making, this innovative collaboration represents a ground-breaking moment for digital art in this country, celebrating the beginning of a new era of innovation and embracing an array of new technologies for the digital age.

Commissioned by Porsche to celebrate its 70th anniversary in Australia, Sense’s image has been transformed into NFTs that will be auctioned internationally on SuperRare, commencing 7 December. Titled ‘Road Trip’, three unique NFT editions have been minted with images by photographer Derek Swalwell and music by composer Gene Shill to put the audience in the driver’s seat. The proceeds of each edition of ‘Road Trip’ will be donated to the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA), an institution whose mission statement is to ‘Do Art Differently’.

The design that Sense has created is imbued with a sophisticated sense of irreverence, as he depicts the highlights of a picturesque Australian road trip. Sense vibrantly transfigures and transcends personal holiday mementos into shared experiences of adventure. With colourful winding paths and fantastical ornamentation, Sense’s travel stories are a bright reaction to spur of the moment plans and celebrate a love of exploration.

A curated selection of Nigel Sense artworks from his last three years of Fox Galleries exhibitions will be displayed alongside the Porsche Taycan for viewing during the decaled vehicle’s brief stop-over in the gallery space, temporarily exhibited for one weekend only before it zooms away to its next destination. We also present an exclusive opportunity to secure newly created work by Nigel Sense in advance of the artist’s forthcoming solo exhibition at the Northern Centre for Contemporary Art in Darwin. To request a full catalogue please email

For more information about the ‘Road Trip’ NFT project or Nigel Sense artworks, please visit or contact the gallery directly.