Nigel Sense Finalist in the 2017 Fisher’s Ghost Art Award

​Nigel Sense is a Finalist in the 2017 Fishers Ghost Prize – Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Nigel Sense, Finalist in the 2017 Fishers Ghost Prize

Do you know the secret hand shake, 2017, mixed media on board, 90 cm by 120 cm

Congratulations to Nigel Sense—his piece Do you know the secret handshake, 2017 has been selected as a finalist for The Fisher’s Ghost Art Award, on view at the Campbelltown Arts Centre from 28 October – 14 December 2017.

Sense’s artwork explores mass media and pop culture as an extension of the 1960’s pop art movement. In a recent review of his work in Art Guide Australia, Sharne Wolff wrote:

“Employing various pop art techniques and the tactic of painting the things he knows, Sense considers his role as an artist and his work reflects an inclusive suburban upbringing and experience. If much 20th century pop art had a mocking or critical tone designed to shock the audience, Sense’s work operates differently. He engages the viewer in an intimate way with his everyday world. Communicating through fun and humour, his paintings seek understanding and empathy.”

Sense has had numerous solo exhibitions across Australia at Finders Street Gallery Melbourne, Penny Contemporary Hobart, Blokes and Sheilas, Harvison Gallery Perth and Angela Tandori Melbourne, amongst others.