Esther Erlich discusses new works with David Hunt on JOY 94.9
Mark Davis Tribute
Matthew Clarke recipient of the Sustaining Creative Workers funding from Regional Arts Victoria
Christine Johnson collaboration with Hassell Studio on the redevelopment initiative of Vanity Lane In Central Dandenong
Mark Dustin and Matthew Clarke selected as finalists in the Swan Hill Print & Drawing Awards 2020
Esther Erlich selected as a finalist in the Kilgour Prize 2020
Lockdown Libraries: Tracey Clement peers into Mark Schaller's bookshelf for Art Guide
Mark Schaller 'Botanicus Fantasticus' short film by Handmade Films
Fox Galleries featured in Channel 9's Postcard 2020 Series with Rebecca Judd
'Thinking outside of the box': Mark Schaller discusses 'Botanicus Fantasticus' with Richard Watts on SmartArts Triple R
Christine Johnson's Five Soldiers featured in Remembrance Documentary by Monash Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Esther Erlich selected as a finalist for the Percival Portrait Painting Prize 2020
Nigel Sense selected as a finalist for 2020 Collie Art Prize
Fox Galleries takes part in The Bushfire Relief Auction hosted by Leonard Joel
Mark Dustin selected as a finalist for 2020 Megalo International Print Prize
Fox Galleries now representing Emilie Heurtevent
Nigel Sense - Captain Beef Heart with self portrait (2017)
Nigel Sense's 'Captain Beefheart with self portrait' included in IFAW Fundraiser at Leonard Joel
Esther Erlich selected as a finalist for the 2019 Portia Geach Memorial Award
Mark Dustin selected as a finalist for the 2019 Fremantle Arts Centre Print Awards
Chonggang Du selected to exhibit in group show 'Between Two Worlds' at Newcastle Art Gallery
Nigel Sense - Take Take No (2019)
Fox Galleries in Affordable Art Fair Melbourne 2019
Five Soldiers by Christine Johnson featured in The Age, Spectrum, Saturday April 27 2019
The Seeker by Bart Sanciolo featured in Il Globo, Thursday April 11 2019
Christine Johnson - Five Soldiers: Collaboration with Monash University Faculty of Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences honouring graduates of the faculty who became casualties of World War I
Wayne Fogden - La Venaria Reale #4 (2018)
Palace: House of Savoy, Turin by photographic artist Wayne Fogden featured in Il Globo, Monday February 4 2019
Robert Andrew - Country, Ground, Earth, Sand, Time and Space (2017)
Robert Andrew selected as keynote speaker at Djamu Program for Indigenous Art Education - Tuesday, 29 January 2019
Bart Sanciolo - Angel (2018)
Now Representing - Bart Sanciolo - Thursday, 8 November 2018
Mark Dustin - Hwasong-12 (2018)
Mark Dustin selected for the Collins Place Gallery Summer Salon - Thursday, 25 October 2018
Chonggang Du Finalist in the 2018 Splash: McClelland Contemporary Watercolour Award - Thursday, 4 October 2018
Esther Erlich Finalist in the 2018 Portia Geach Memorial Award - Monday, 1 October 2018