Matthew Clarke recipient of the Sustaining Creative Workers funding from Regional Arts Victoria

Matthew Clarke recipient of the Sustaining Creative Workers funding from Regional Arts Victoria

Fox galleries is proud to announce Matthew Clarke as a recipient of the Sustaining Creative Workers funding from Regional Arts Victoria.

Matthew Clarke was awarded the Sustaining Creative Workers funding  from Regional Arts Victoria for the publication of duo exhibition The Winter of disconnect: The Great Indoors, with artist Barry Tate.

The exhibition is running until 15 September. While we are on lock down you can read about the show in an article written by Kirsty Francis from A Rich Life here and preorder your publication chronicling the Matthew Clarke and Barry Tate’s artistic journey and the works produced during lockdown here.


Matthew Clarke is a painter and sculptor born in Warrnambool, 1986. Clarke is an outsider artist with a unique perspective. His neo-expressionist style, vibrant colours, and sense of spontaneity make his work distinguishable.

In 2011 Clarke completed a Diploma in Visual Arts, Crafts and Design at South West TAFE, Victoria. From there, Clarke gathered momentum both nationally and internationally at The Outsider Art Fair in France, 2015, Sydney Contemporary in NSW, 2015 & 2017, and Art Expo New York, 2017. Clarke was the winner of the Fringe Festival Poster Competition in 2019 and his work has appeared on the side of trams in Melbourne and Adelaide. He is a finalist in the Swan Hill Art Prize, 2020 and has a recent acquisition to the City of Melbourne.

Clarke’s zealous interpretation of his subjects present with an unbridled vivaciousness. Inspired by his surroundings, Clarke’s distinctive themes present a dynamic style of painting imbued with bold colours and unshackled mark making. Clarke’s work is inspired by his immediate location and influential people in his life. His sculptural wallabies have become a motif in his work providing an expressive quality in their faces and gestures that inspire feelings of joy and intrigue.