Mark Dustin artist talk during Melbourne Art Week 2018

Mark Dustin artist talk during Melbourne Art Week 2018 – Monday, 23 July 2018

Mark Dustin artist talk during Melbourne Art Week 2018

Mark Dustin, OS 2 (2018), Unique state print on aluminium, framed, 59 cm by 41 cm


During Melbourne Art Week Fox Galleries will present an artist talk by Mark Dustin as part of his solo exhibition The Unstable Image. On Sunday, 5 August, from 3:00 — 4:00 pm, the artist will discuss the theoretical basis of this body of work, as well as his method for creating handmade, unique screenprints on aluminium.

Dustin’s new body of work engages primarily with the place of the image as central to an enforced shared experience of a wider perceived reality, and one that is fundamentally interconnected with the artificial.

Collectively these works can be seen as a digital navigation of a world dominated by the proliferation of images and attempt to exist as questions about why these images are made, who they are made for and why our individual perceptions of reality can be so fundamentally mediated by the screen.

Increasingly key elements of our daily lives are being bundled into readily consumed digital products and displayed to us via a screen that we carry with us at all times. As a result, there arises an increasing sense of conflict between the quick fix, instant access of the digital world, and the adversely slower, seemingly outdated processes of analogue technologies. It is this intersection between the digital and the analogue, between the photograph and the print, between reality and artifice, that Dustin finds his own space for investigation.

Dustin is the Head of the Drawing & Printmaking Department at the Victorian College of the Arts, The University of Melbourne. He holds a PhD in Fine Arts from the Elam School of Fine Arts in Auckland. He has been a finalist in The New Zealand Painting and Printmaking Awards, Geelong Acquisitive Print Awards and The North Shore City Art Awards.

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