Mark Davis Tribute

Mark Davis Tribute

MARK DAVIS Metropolis, 2020. Oil on canvas, 95 cm by 225 cm.

We are saddened to hear the news of Mark Davis’ sudden passing during these difficult times and we would like to pay tribute to him.

It was only in June when we presented his beautiful, energetic landscape series, aptly titled ‘This Fleeting World’, in our Stockroom Gallery. At the time Mark was busy painting for his show Shelf Life, to be exhibited at Fox Galleries next year, contemplating the delicate underwater ecosystem of the coral reef. Mark Davis’ final painting ‘Metropolis’ was his largest ever produced. Presenting at 95cm x 225cm, ‘Metropolis’ is a  breathtaking cluster of a living coral colony, a testament to his determined and progressive temperament.

We will continue to represent Mark Davis to honour his exceptional character and dedicated art practice that began in the 70’s. Mark’s devotion to painting was inspired from a deep affection to the land, place and human impact that ‘articulates the meaning of being within and beyond the landscape’. One of  the first of many conversations with Mark was laughing over imagining parallel universes, now we can find ourselves comforted in the branching paths of the stories told through the universes within his paintings.

It was an honour to have worked alongside a passionate, kind and joyous man.  Mark will be dearly missed and our thoughts are with his family.

Rebecca Agnew
Gallery Manager