Jane Giblin selected as finalist in The 67th Blake Prize 2022

Jane Giblin selected as finalist in The 67th Blake Prize 2022


JANE GIBLIN  I am the lamb of all Gods, 2021. Ink and pigment on unicartridge, 86.5 cm by 76.5 cm

Congratulations to Tasmanian artist Jane Giblin for placing as a finalist in The 67th Blake Prize 2022 with her painting ‘I am the lamb of all Gods’ (2021).

Artist Statement: “During a past art research project, I drove around Flinders Island and wherever I went I was met with masses of roadkill. Along with the bloated obstructions on bitumen, the roadsides carry a snowdrift of millions of tiny bone relics. At this very time, that 2018/19 summer, the southeast of Australia was on fire and images of burnt, dead or dying creatures filled my news feed. I was carrying images of smouldering birdlife, kangaroos, koalas, cattle, whole roasted steers, all of them in my periphery, every day. Sheep stood in simple shock, dazed in their black burnt wool. De-sensitised, yet fascinated, I placed one of these sheep into my chest and it became part of a self-portrait. I, in turn, adopted its body. In this way I became like a sacrificial lamb, to all the gods we invent to cope with our mortality and our flawed humanity. Can we forgive ourselves if a lamb was sacrificed on our behalf? The way we inhabit our landscape leaves me confused, acquiescent as well as in shock. I sought to represent this sense of confusion as I struggle to comprehend the human creature and if any system of belief is ever justifiable.”

Giblin graduated from the Tasmanian School of Art, in 1984 and eventually she completed two Masters degrees, one in painting and one in lithography. The University of Tasmania has offered Jane PhD candidacy in the School of Creative Arts, commencing in 2022.

For more information on Giblin’s available works, please email admin@foxgalleries.com.au.