Group Exhibition

Party of Special Things

19 — 29 January 2019
Opening: Saturday, January 19, 6:00 — 8:00 pm


Fox Galleries is excited to present Party of Special Things, a celebration of the gallery’s represented artists signalling the beginning of the 2019 exhibition program.

Party of Special Things is a spirited collection of new and recent works, revelling in the festive gathering of artists and ideas.

Wayne Fogden’s opulent interior photography situates the occasion, while Maggie Diaz’s photographs embody the notion of the party, alongside Barry Tate’s scintillating fibre optic works. Victor Rubin’s surrealistic painting encounters the collapsing space and intensifying colour of Merryn Trevethan’s landscapes. Nigel Sense and Mike Chavez’s collaborative works illustrate the conviviality that comes with a group exhibition, as we welcome never-before-seen sculptures by the newly represented Bart Sanciolo.

Each work draws the viewer into its unique world; each a guest at this eclectic, electrifying Party of Special Things.

The exhibition will also feature work by Christine Johnson, Katie Breckon, Jason Moad and more.