Group Exhibition

New Dawn

3 February — 22 February 2018
Opening: Saturday, February 3, 6:00 — 8:00 pm


Mandalay (detail) by Maz Dixon Aire river beach, Gadabanud country (detail) by Peter Thomas White Wash Over The Burn (detail) by Robert Andrew Two Homes, Deep South and Kimberly Stains (detail) by Katie Breckon Wild Roses (detail) by Christine Johnson

For the first exhibition of 2018 Fox Galleries will present New Dawn, including new pieces by the gallery’s represented artists that reflect the feelings evoked by the arrival of a new year.

Works by young contemporary artists Maz Dixon and Nigel Sense draw from the collective fantasy of sun-kissed Australian summers, music festivals and new lovers. Paintings by Jason Moad and Peter Thomas isolate the icons of the summer landscape, from commanding succulents looming around every city street, to the sheer abandon of an empty beach on the cusp of wide seas. In juxtaposition Tyra Hutchens‘ layered oil paintings, Barry Tate’s unparalleled totemic ceramic sculptures and the mechanised conceptual installations of Robert Andrew are each like portals, evoking deep time to challenge viewers to be critical of the world of today. New Dawn will also feature work by Merryn Trevethan, Khi-Lee Thorpe, Rowley Drysdale, Maggie Diaz, Christine Johnson, Katie Breckon, Bec Juniper & Mark Dustin.


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