Group Exhibition

Liminal Wanderlust

24 hr Opening 1 April 2021

1 April – 6 April 2021

Liminal or liminality is the border state between holding or occupying both sides simultaneously – it can also be viewed as a process of transgressing boundaries. Wanderlust is a german word for travel, wandering, or desire. The intention of these two concepts together is to explore the last year of occupying; survival in reality and the desire to escape.

Fox Galleries presents Liminal Wanderlust: a group exhibition exploring the border states of desire, frustration, longing and loss. Immersed in these dislocated dream-states, the Opening night will run for 24hrs on April 1 featuring performance installations from Bonnie Lane and Mia Cera Saljo.

International artist Bonnie Lane will guide you on an intimate 24hr reverse chronological encounter, tracing the events that led to a cataclysmic moment in a New York hospital. Acclaimed mixed-media artist and composer of multi-instrumental music scores, Mia Cera Saljo will perform alongside an intricate installation the sculptural work of New Zealand artist Wanda Gillespie, featuring reimagined forms with an exploration of sentient presence within the object. Melbourne based painter Adam Douglass presents a series of cloudburst paintings, holding the tension between void states and eruption within the sky; Charlotte Watson’s delicate paper based monotypes emerge from walking states and lastly UK based artist Eleanor Taylor, an illustrator for the New York Times with exquisite botanical works that feature a darker side if you look closely.

Bonnie Lane
Mia Cera Saljo
Wanda Gillespie
Adam Douglass
Charlotte Watson
Eleanor Taylor

Group Exhibition Liminal Wanderlust