Fox Galleries Now Represents Maggie Diaz - 31 Oct 2016

Fox Galleries Now Represents Maggie Diaz

Maggie Diaz - Port Melbourne

​Maggie Diaz at Melbourne Ports (1960s)

Maggie Diaz (1925-2016) is now being represented by Fox Galleries. We are working with the Curator of the Maggie Diaz Collection, Gwendolen de Lacy, to present Diaz’s works to a wider audience.

Diaz was an American-born photographer who established a reputation as one of Australia’s most important post-war emigre artists. In America she walked both sides of the street, documenting African American housing projects while capturing images of millionaires and showgirls at Chicago’s Tavern Club.

She arrived in Melbourne in 1961 on a one-way ticket, a divorce gift from her ex-husband. In Australia she became known for her use of available light and brought the vibrancy of an outsider’s eye to the people and places of Melbourne. Her work is held in the collections of the National Gallery Australia, State Library Victory, National Gallery Victoria and other state collections.

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