Current Exhibition

Emilie Heurtevent

The Abyss

6 March - 29 March 2021
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Current Boardroom Exhibition

Eddie Botha


6 March - 10 April 2021
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Past Exhibition

Group Exhibition

These Days

6 February - 3 March 2021
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Past Exhibition

Shannon Smiley

Current State

12 December 2020 - 3 February 2021
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Past Boardroom Exhibition

Nigel Sense

Post Tropical Future World

5 December 2020 - 3 February 2021
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Group Exhibition These Days
Nigel Sense Post Tropical Future World
Shannon Smiley Current State
Esther Erlich An Intimate Distance
Mark Davis This Fleeting World
Barry Tate & Matthew Clarke The Winter of Disconnect: The Great Indoors
Jason Moad Two Worlds and In-between
Mark Schaller Botanicus Fantasticus
Group Exhibition Sparks
Emilie Heurtevent Nature
Tim Clarkson Tim Clarkson
Barry Tate Riches
Wayne Fogden - Bronte Pool 3 (2008)
Wayne Fogden The Bronte Pool Project
Stephen Glassborow & Eddie Botha Socialistic
Mark Davis Bleak Outlook
Peter Thomas Aftermath
Victor Rubin Points to View
Katie Breckon Ochre and Light
Affordable Art Fair Melbourne 2019
Jason Moad - Oddfellow (2019)
Jason Moad Oddfellows
Mardi Nowak - Red Coats (Uniform) (2018)
Mardi Nowak Curating You
Esther Erlich - Audacious (2019)
Esther Erlich AUDACIOUS
Thomas Hancock Aplectic Soborra
Victor Rubin Northwest Kimberley - The Lay of the Land.
Rowley Drysdale & Bec Juniper drysdale juniper
Bart Sanciolo The Seeker
Chonggang Du - Intervention No. 3 (2018)
Chonggang Du Intervention
Nigel Sense and Mike Chavez - More Bang (2017)
Group Exhibition
Party of Special Things
Wayne Fogden - Palazzina di caccia di Stupinigi #1 (2018)
Wayne Fogden Palace: House of Savoy, Turin
Christine Johnson - Firmament II (2018)
Christine Johnson Firmament
Rowley Drysdale - Blue orb (2017)
Rowley Drysdale Recent Work ― with the moon in mind
Amanda Robins Fragile
Toni Warburton - ​Barnacle on limpet cup (2018)
Toni Warburton topological investigations
Victor Rubin - Luna Park - Sydney c. 1960 (2017 - 2018)
Victor Rubin An Internal Dialogue
Maz Dixon - Paragon #1 (2018)
Maz Dixon The Life Exotic
Tyra Hutchens - Adrift (2018)
Tyra Hutchens Odyssey
Merryn Trevethan - Ruin Nation (2018)
Merryn Trevethan Ruin Nation
Chonggang Du - After image No. 5 (2015)
Chonggang Du Afterimage
Mark Dustin - Grotto 001 (2018)
Mark Dustin The Unstable Image
Victor Rubin - St Kilda Luna Park (2011)
DENFAIR Melbourne 2018
Esther Erlich - Seduction (2018)
Esther Erlich The Female Gaze
Robert Andrew - Country, Ground, Earth, Sand, Time and Space (2017)
Robert Andrew & Katie Breckon
Nigel Sense - Lozza (2018)
Nigel Sense Workers & Wankers
Peter Thomas - Cage (2017)
Peter Thomas
Maz Dixon - Mandalay (2017)
Group Exhibition
New Dawn
Conrad Clark
Merryn Trevethan - Provable Falsehoods... (2017)
Merryn Trevethan
Provable Falsehoods…
Barry Tate
This is Colony
Khi-Lee Thorpe - Oscillation (2017)
Khi-Lee Thorpe
Spaces Between Clamour
Nigel Sense and Mike Chavez - More Bang (2017)
Nigel Sense & Mike Chavez
Sense & Chavez
Christine Johnson - Persian Roses (2009)
Christine Johnson
Jason Moad - Mnemosyne (2016)
Jason Moad
Maggie Diaz - Coming or Going, Princes Pier (1906s)
Maggie Diaz
Between Two Worlds
Tyra Hutchens - Below, 2013
Tyra Hutchens
recent paintings

Peter Thomas - Makeshift Memorial (2015)
Peter Thomas
Night Club
Jim Ulrich - Night Skies Over Nang Kai (2016)
Jim Ulrich
Mekong Lights
Rowley Drysdale - Oceania series #11 (2016)
Rowley Drysdale & Barry Tate
Director’s Choice