Nigel Sense x Porsche

Road Trip

December 2021
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Forthcoming Exhibition

Jason Moad


1 December - 24 December 2021
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The Great Curve

Book Launch & Panel Discussion
11 December 2021
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Robert Kirchner Difference and Repetition 18 September - 30 October 2021
Trevor 'Turbo' Brown Birds and Animals from the Dreaming 3 July – 30 July 2021
Nigel Sense Departure Lounge 18 September - 13 November 2021
Bec Juniper Sui 3 July – 30 July 2021
Mark Davis Radiant Darkness from the Edge 7 August - 16 September 2021
Harold David This and the Edge of the World 5 June – 30 June 2021
Murray Walker Spanning Time
Stephen GlassborowInfinity Leaf, 2021Bronze sculpture30 cm high$3,500
Stephen Glassborow GLASSBOROW
Group Exhibition Liminal Wanderlust
Peter Thomas Grey Literature
Eddie Botha Disexion
Emilie HeurteventThe Abyss #7, 2020Acrylic and ink on canvas122 cm by 122 cm$2,500
Emilie Heurtevent The Abyss
Group Exhibition These Days
Nigel Sense Post Tropical Future World
Shannon Smiley Current State
Esther Erlich An Intimate Distance
Mark Davis This Fleeting World
Barry Tate & Matthew Clarke The Winter of Disconnect: The Great Indoors
Jason Moad Two Worlds and In-between
Group Exhibition Sparks
Emilie Heurtevent Nature
Tim Clarkson Tim Clarkson
Barry Tate Riches
Wayne Fogden The Bronte Pool Project
Stephen Glassborow & Eddie Botha Socialistic
Mark Davis Bleak Outlook
Peter Thomas Aftermath
Victor Rubin Points to View
Katie Breckon Ochre and Light
Jason Moad Oddfellows
Mardi Nowak Curating You
Esther Erlich - Audacious (2019)
Esther Erlich AUDACIOUS
Thomas Hancock Aplectic Soborra
Victor Rubin Northwest Kimberley - The Lay of the Land.
Rowley Drysdale & Bec Juniper drysdale juniper
Bart Sanciolo The Seeker
Chonggang Du Intervention
Group Exhibition
Party of Special Things
Wayne Fogden Palace: House of Savoy, Turin
Christine Johnson Firmament
Rowley Drysdale Recent Work ― with the moon in mind
Amanda Robins Fragile
Toni Warburton topological investigations
Victor Rubin An Internal Dialogue
Maz Dixon The Life Exotic
Tyra Hutchens Odyssey
Merryn Trevethan Ruin Nation
Chonggang Du Afterimage
Mark Dustin The Unstable Image
DENFAIR Melbourne 2018
Esther Erlich The Female Gaze
Robert Andrew & Katie Breckon
Nigel Sense Workers & Wankers
Peter Thomas
Group Exhibition
New Dawn
Conrad Clark
Merryn Trevethan
Provable Falsehoods…
Barry Tate
This is Colony
Khi-Lee Thorpe
Spaces Between Clamour
Nigel Sense - Art is Kitchen Ware (2017)
Nigel Sense & Mike Chavez
Sense & Chavez
Christine Johnson
Jason Moad
Maggie Diaz
Between Two Worlds
Tyra Hutchens
recent paintings
Peter Thomas
Night Club
Jim Ulrich
Mekong Lights
Rowley Drysdale & Barry Tate
Director’s Choice