Barry Tate Selected for the 2018 Hillview Sculpture Biennial - 29 Nov 2017

Barry Tate Finalist in the 2018 Hillview Sculpture Biennial

Barry Tate Finalist in the 2018 Hillview Sculpture Biennial – Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Barry Tate, This is Colony III (detail), 2017, Glazed earthenware ceramic, Artist proof,  Sculpture: 66 cm by 55 cm by 55 cm Pedestal: 68 cm by 65 cm by 65 cm


Congratulations to Barry Tate — his forthcoming glazed stoneware ceramic sculpture This is Colony VIII has been selected for the indoor exhibition of the 2018 Hillview Sculpture Biennial. Held over 4 weeks, the non-profit biennial will feature 120 sculptures by Australian and international artists set amidst the landscape of the Southern Highlands for over 25,000 visitors. This new piece is a continuation of Tate’s latest body of work titled This is Colony, which premiered at Fox Galleries in 2017. Tate has also been selected as a finalist in the 2018 Western Sydney University Sculpture Awards and Exhibition for another forthcoming sculptural installation from the This is Colony series.

Barry Tate ​is a Warrnambool, Victoria based artist, master ceramicist and beloved arts educator whose practice spans over three decades of prolific production. His work contemplates systems of belief, the propaganda art of the church, tragedy and the apocalypse Ranging from clay, glitter, gold, fibre optics, spray paint, lights and electric motors, no material has been out of bounds in Tate’s playful investigation of fear and faith.

Tate holds a Diploma of Fine Art from Deakin University, a Post Graduate Fellowship, Fine Art – Ceramics and a Post-Graduate Diploma of Education from the University of Melbourne. His works are held in the collections of Griffith​ ​University ​Brisbane, Warrnambool​ ​Art​ ​Gallery, and in private​ ​collections​ ​in​ ​Australia​ ​and​ ​Japan.


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