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Fox Galleries presents exhibitions of modern and contemporary art, with a focus on work that is conceptually driven and visually compelling.

Based locally and internationally, our artists engage with what it means to be Australian today through tenacious practices embedded in the shifting cultural landscapes of our increasingly visual world.

Michael Fox established Fox Galleries in Brisbane in 1998, and it became the first commercial space in Australia to exhibit lowbrow and street art. He closed the gallery in 2007 when he was appointed as the Queensland Curator of Joel Fine Art. He relocated to Melbourne in 2009 to accept a position as the Australian Art Market Advisor to Lowensteins Arts Management. Fox Galleries was re-established in Collingwood, Melbourne in 2016.

Fox has observed the evolution of the commercial gallery sector, and the experience of art itself, for over two decades. With concern for art’s vital role in society, Fox Galleries was founded to meaningfully contribute to the dialogue through high calibre exhibitions and publications rooted in an art historical context.


Conrad Clark
Barry Tate
This is Colony
Khi-Lee Thorpe - Oscillation (2017)
Khi-Lee Thorpe
Spaces Between Clamour
Nigel Sense and Mike Chavez - More Bang (2017)
Nigel Sense & Mike Chavez
Sense & Chavez
Christine Johnson - Persian Roses (2009)
Christine Johnson
Merryn Trevethan - Provable Falsehoods... (2017)
Merryn Trevethan
Provable Falsehoods…
Jason Moad - Mnemosyne (2016)
Jason Moad
Maggie Diaz - Coming or Going, Princes Pier (1906s)
Maggie Diaz
Between Two Worlds
Tyra Hutchens - Below, 2013
Tyra Hutchens
recent paintings