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Fox Galleries specialises in exhibiting modern and contemporary art while promoting the careers of concept driven contemporary artists.

Michael Fox is Director of Fox Galleries, in 1998 Fox established in Brisbane. With a focus on exhibiting lowbrow art in a commercial context, delving into underground culture through music and street art. Independent of Fox Galleries Michael was appointed Queensland curator of Joel Fine Art and in 2009 he relocated to Melbourne as the Australian Art Market Advisor to Lowensteins Arts Management. Fox Galleries reopened in 2016 in the Collingwood arts precinct, Melbourne with the same aptitude for specifically selected artists exploring Australia’s cultural identity in conversation with international heritage.

Fox Galleries represents local and internationally based artists, who have their artworks in private and institutional collections. Fox Galleries promotes excellence in the arts through the production of exploratory work, art publication and the participation in Art Fairs.

Fox Galleries


Group Exhibition Liminal Wanderlust
Eddie Botha Disexion
Emilie Heurtevent The Abyss
Group Exhibition These Days
Nigel Sense Post Tropical Future World
Shannon Smiley Current State
Esther Erlich An Intimate Distance
Mark Davis This Fleeting World
Barry Tate & Matthew Clarke The Winter of Disconnect: The Great Indoors
Jason Moad Two Worlds and In-between